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Climb Against the Odds: Celebrating Survival on the Mountain
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Название: Climb Against the Odds: Celebrating Survival on the Mountain

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Book DescriptionIt is extraordinary for a woman to receive a breast cancer diagnosis, go through treatment, and survive to tell the story. But to then celebrate survival by embarking on a grueling mountain climb? That takes a truly remarkable woman. Climb Against the Odds documents the inspiring story of a group of such women who joined The Breast Cancer Fund to raise awareness and money for the fight against breast cancer by endeavoring to climb some of the world#146;s most daunting peaks.

They climbedMt. Acongagua (23,000 feet), Mt. McKinley (20,300 feet), and Mt. Fuji (12,389 feet), putting their post-cancer bodies and their indomitable spirits through a journey that changed them all. Featuring compelling interviews, joyful photographs, resources, and information about the struggle against breast cancer, Climb Against the Odds is timed to release with The Breast Cancer Fund#146;s fourth mountain climb, held on the 14,162-foor volcanic peak of Mt.

Shasta. The thrill of scaling impossible mountains, the triumph of beating a lethal disease, and the anguish of losing loved ones come together in this amazing journey of grace over mountains metaphoric and real



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